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Cloud Services

Our customer identify three key business benefits to operating in the cloud

  1. We are more efficient as we have access to updated data whenever and wherever we want !

    Enhancing the opportunity to drive business innovation, the itdevelopers cloud provides remote access to your infrastructure 24/7 for you and your workforce. No longer will you arrive for a meeting only to find the materials on your USB stick are a previous version. Instead you access the original file wherever you happen to be.

  2. We feel more secure as protection of our data is imperative !

    Data is key and possibly the most important asset for organisations – a single breach or leak of sensitive data can cripple the entire business, so a data protection strategy must protect the data itself.
    The ability to move sensitive information into and throughout the cloud In a secure manner is essential for businesses to function and collaborate efficiently, quickly and freely. But this ability must be supported by a comprehensive data protection strategy. At itdevelopers, we recognise security and confidentiality as key requisites and have many examples of creating impregnable infrastructures for our clients data.

  3. We save money as cost efficiencies are maximised and up front investment is reduced !

    By not having to invest in computer hardware our clients reap the powerful cost savings by only paying for what they use. Just as important, in itdevelopers our clients have a partner who carries the up-front investment cost allowing them to use their capital more effectively – whatever line of business they are in.

itdevelopers provide three specific services to achieve this, namely hosting, providing disaster recovery & backup and delivering your core IT applications through software as a service.

The key benefits of Cloud Services

Hosting your website

Service & data Recovery in the event of disaster

Deploying software on pay as you go basis