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Disaster Recovery & Backups

Business continuity assured

itdevelopers provides client security for their data and and uses the cloud as a great place to store backups. This provides for ready access and is generally protected from disasters leading to data. However, a key factor that needs to be considered is time to recovery, i.e. how quickly you need that data delivered to you. That turn-around time affects how quickly you can resume business and how much disaster recovery will cost you.

At itdevelopers, we help our clients with this security planning at a low and acceptable cost. We work with you to create and maintain an inventory of the operating systems (OS), application and systems requirements for the set of data defined as crucial to recover quickly.

As required, but usually on a daily basis, we perform off-site data replication and back up to our secure system to maintain up-to-the-minute data sets. In case of disaster, we can then replicate the IT infrastructure, install the operating software applications and restore data so that the our clients can continue its operations within a defined time frame.

The key benefits of Cloud Services

Hosting your website

Service & data Recovery in the event of disaster

Deploying software on pay as you go basis