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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is often an overlooked marketing channel but the power that this channel harness’ can be quite staggering.

Whether you have a list of current customers already or you’re looking to build a list from scratch, email marketing can be an effective way of building an emotional connection with your audience.

itdevelopers have a proven track record that combines strategy, implementation and tracking of client email campaigns in order to generate brand loyalty, repeat business or referrals.


We will happily manage your end to end email marketing strategy from conception to send reporting or we can help you with any individual part of the process e.g template design or broadcast.

We seek to provide and affordable, customised email campaign, drawing from our experience in this field.

Every element of the campaign will be optimised to ensure e.g maximum open rates, click rates and brand loyalty.


Considerations must be made as to the device that the person will be opening the email on so we ensure maximum compatibility through extensive send tests to different devices before hitting the big red button. According to, over half of all email is now opened on a mobile device – optimising for this is an absolute must.

From concept to send, itdevelopers have your email marketing covered so why not give us a call today: 01704 833 030. Alternatively, complete our contact form and someone will get in touch.

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