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Finance, Insurance and Licensing

Chip & Pin Prepaid Money Cards

Replacing the need for cash or multiple other payment methods with a single fully integrated chip & pin card, our money card systems allows for control of multiple transactions in a fully secure manner.

Fuel Card Management

Our comprehensive IT systems allow Fuel Card suppliers to do much more than distribute other provider cards.  We provide full data file import, credit check, pricing, fuel bunkering control, sms & email notifications, automated invoicing and much more! A major supplier of fuel cards to the transport industry uses our proven systems today.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but an increasingly vital tool to allow businesses with an ever increasing customer expectations, to adopt new business services and strategies. Our CRM provides versatility in enhancing sales, customer support and providing a platform for commercial success.

Credit Application Processing

Our credit application processing software provides an automated workflow with a flexible set-up supporting the approval process of applications for a financial service. Decision-making is based on all relevant information from both internal and external data sources with an emphasis on speed and maximum security. Our systems cover the entire process from the first data input through decision to subsequent actions such as the initiation of credit account.

Royalty and Rights Management

Our systems replace cumbersome multiple (manual) systems by bringing together the wide ranging, international and complex royalty, rights & revenue sharing contracts into a single manageable source of data for operational & financial management.

Insurance Quotation & Underwriting

We have proven expertise & systems that have increased revenue by improving conversion of on-line quotations, optimising web-site user experience and underwriting process.  We have expertise in positive, appealing differentiation of user experience and creation of flexible quoting engines, capable of handling multiple variants of insurance quotes – all optimised for SEO purposes.



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