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Manufacturing, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical

Workflow Control

Our touch screen quality control and workflow system record all activity related to manufacture and testing of products. Providing full integration capability with legacy finance & administration systems allowing full control order management/despatch with further integration to customised quotations system software and mobile devices for remote sales

Quality Control (including Test Analysis & Reporting)

Our quality control systems are based on stringent laboratory requirements to manage quotations for prospective clients, new and existing jobs, record sample results and maintain a log of compliance for the UKAS governing body. All jobs provide for automated creation of regulatory certification and invoicing requirements.

Laboratory Information Management (Toxin Testing)

Our systems track and control the use of authorized samples and batches of testing materials. They provide a secure, authorised and controlled workflow for people as well as processes throughout the whole lifecycle. Collecting streamed data out of various testing instruments, combining these with manual testing processes, order management and stock control of strictly controlled batch processes full reporting and data output is wholly automated.

Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Our CMMS systems can support all maintenance log requirements irrespective of the size of organisation. We can schedule, track and report on any type of task or piece of equipment. Ensuring the log is kept up to date and that maintenance operations on work equipment can be carried out safely, our systems assist recording activities in an organised, fast and effective way. Attaching manuals, diagrams, forms, images or web shortcuts to any piece of equipment/job provides for easy reference. Recording and reporting parts usage, repair costs and work history are simple. All data can even be exported to Excel spreadsheets for graphs and analysis.


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