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Acorn Insurance

Project Info

Client Insurance Retail Website
Skills Windows Server, SQL Server , WordPress, SEO, Adwords

Project Description

The Business

Acorn Insurance is a company with over 25 years of experience in the specialist insurance market.

Acorn offer insurance products for individuals with niche or ‘non- standard’ circumstances and vehicles, with a secondary tier of business insuring pubs, hotels, clubs and other commercial property/liability type businesses.

The company currently operate a multi brand marketing strategy offering overlapping products under different brands across several offices nationwide with their headquarters based in Liverpool.

These products are sold and provided multi-channel.

The Challenge

To improve their website to raise brand and product awareness and to compete more directly with alternative providers.

It was deemed important to be a little different to help differentiation and to write website content that was sensitive to the niche markets Acorn operate in.

Reduce spend in Google Adwords advertising spend and generate more ‘generic’ leads through non-paid for business.

Key to conversion of prospect to quotes was a need for a sticky yet flexible quoting engine, capable of handling multiple variants of insurance quotes and at the same time be optimised for SEO purposes.

The Solution

Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 and WordPress were used to construct the quoting engine and landing pages / news feeds.

Search terms were carefully researched, their historic ranking and market opportunity analysed resulting in an extensive and rich site map being constructed which provided appropriate and sensitive content for niche market opportunities.

Additional weekly news articles and updates with long-tail term landing pages helped Google rankings and increased organic listings. In addition to this, a carefully constructed SEO strategy and affiliate marketing campaign is complimenting the new site.

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