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Project Info

Client Collaboration Solution
Skills Site Server, Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory

Project Description

The Business

Ragdoll make high quality children’s television programmes. Notable programmes include the Teletubbies, Rosie and Jim, Brum and more recently In The Night Garden.

Although they are a Small to Medium Sized (SME) business, their reach is global, broadcasting in 120 languages in over 180 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Ragdoll had a need to increase and improve collaborative working practices.

Standard networking and file sharing across a multi-site, international environments and a lack of

shared database management systems were causing operational difficulties. Communication had to be improved .  Many aspects of the business needed bringing together including licensing

and royalty management, agency management reporting, product approval process as well as,  product and brand development materials such as image libraries and style guides.

To streamline their business Ragdoll had also identified a need for a customised CRM system and E-Commerce email-order software to facilitate centralised contact management activities and  promote specialist product retail sales

The Solutions

IT Developers started with a thorough analysis of Ragdolls processes in order to identify the inefficiencies that were causing business issues.  IT Developers designed a complete integrated

solution that included…

Licensing database, Intranet based Knowledge Management, Systems using Site Server intranet based CRM systems with direct integration into Exchange Server, Intranet based solutions for product, management, discussion forums, image libraries, Customisation of a standard shopping cart technologies.

Once implemented, on-site training along with the distribution of user manuals to each user ensured maximum buy-in and a smooth transition to the new systems.

The collaborative nature of the design of the systems allowed the developers to put their creative skills to best use. This resulted in an exceptionally integrated business workflow.


Infrastructure Enhancements

  • Site Server
  • Exchange
  • SQL Server
  • IIS server

Business Benefits

  • Improved Collaboration
  • Centralisation of knowledge
  • Searchable assets

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