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Retail, Distribution and Warehousing

Warehouse Order Management & Control

Our systems provide for integration with warehousing solutions that helps eliminate unidentified errors in the stock picking process thereby massively increasing efficiency, reducing costs of correction and improving customer satisfaction.

Stock Control & variable pricing

Being able to support different prices of the same product depending on multiple variables – not just customer or discount rate – together with different sales tax (VAT) attributes is beyond many off the shelf IT packages. Especially so when there is a need to provide full stock & purchase order control and integrate into accounting systems. itdeveloper expertise in providing such flexible pricing solutions is proven for businesses for whom complex price flexibility is an absolute must.

Consignment Stock Management

Consignment stocks are always tricky and complicated to handle as most inventory management systems don’t handle consignment stock well as the ‘change in ownership without monetary transaction’ trips up most software.itdeveloper solutions have been created specifically for consignment stocks providing for complete control and full visibility over stock consumption, replenishment, control reporting and ultimately invoicing.

Car Dealer Management

Our solutions provide for an all-encompassing system that replaces multiple systems/manual procedures covering purchasing, stock control & sales invoicing for car dealers.  The implemented solutions not only improved efficiency & control whilst reducing costs but also provided a markedly improved customer experience.

Rock Off

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B & M Supplies

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