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Software as a Service

Web deployed software on demand

Many businesses, whether start up or mature, can think of much better things to invest in other than setting up & maintaining not only an IT infrastructure and applications necessary to run the business. Nobody, for example, would look to (re)create their own bespoke word processing software application. Similarly many business critical systems can benefit from historical investment by itdevelopers and vendors that can be supplied on an “as needs” basis.

At itdevelopers, we have developed a large number of software applications tried, tested and used across a wide range of industries and integrating with a number of household invoicing, accounting and enterprise packages.

Utilising this investment and then adopting it through a pay-as-you-go model provides fantastic flexibility and options for our subscriber clients. Based on our existing functionality we can provide software that with minimal customisation is bespoke and directly relevant to many businesses. We can then host it and create a usage plan specific to you allowing you flexibility to change that is is easy and can be done without advance notice. Our web-based usage model then allows subscribers to access the software easily from any location with internet capabilities.

Whilst our website is not exhaustive, it provides a backdrop to the kind of industries and generic applications we can support on a pay as you go model. Contact us if you would like to talk further about this.

The key benefits of Cloud Services

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Service & data Recovery in the event of disaster

Deploying software on pay as you go basis